Eureka Shipping Ltd.

Eureka Shipping Ltd is a leading provider of logistical services within the specialized segment of pneumatic and mechanical cement carriers. Eureka owns and commercially operates fully specialised ships in the size range of 3000 Dwt to 23.000 Dwt. This fleet allows us to offer a great flexibility in meeting our customer’s needs. Eureka transports a variety of powdery and cementitious cargoes. Our focus is high efficiency and with good care to the environment. Taking cargo onboard or to shore pneumatically or mechanically gives minimum to none dust emissions.


Eureka Shipping Ltd. was founded in 2008 by partners in the SMT Shipping group. In 2018, CSL Group became a shareholder and the company is now owned in a Joint Venture between SMT Cement Ships and the CSL Group. Eureka is based in Cyprus/Limassol with affiliate office in Bergen.